KiMani Bridges, Olivia Bennett, and Tiffany Cuaresma Commissioned by Musaics of the Bay

KiMani Bridges (2019-20), Olivia Bennett (2019-20) and Tiffany Cuaresma (2018-19) were commissioned by Musaics of the Bay to write for their Stay-at-Home Symposium. KiMani’s work, MidNight was premiered by clarinetist Michelle Hromin and inspired by Susana Aldanondo’s painting Special.

Olivia’s piece, Free Verse No. 2 was premiered by bassist Tim Rinehart and inspired by Ori Aboutboul’s painting Memory: Direction.

Tiffany’s piece of the unconscious was premiered by pianist Mark Irchai. The piece was inspired by “Night” by Simon Dinnerstein.