Congratulations to Luna Lab’s Graduating Seniors

Luna Lab celebrates a milestone as the largest group of alumni graduates from high school this year. Eleven Luna Lab alumni across 5 fellowship years are headed to college in the fall. We asked our graduating seniors to reflect on their high school years and their time with Luna Lab. They also shared with us what they are most looking forward to as they embark on their next musical journey.

Lili Masoudi is looking forward to expanding their musical and academic horizons in college: “I hope to start exploring electronic music this year as well as seriously pursuing my aspirations of becoming a singer-songwriter, and I’m excited to discover new intersections between my passion for literature and social issues and my musical career over the next few years.”

When Ebun Oguntola looks back on her Luna Lab experience she remembers meeting fantastic composers and musicians. She says, “Through Luna Lab, I was able to discover my musical voice, find my path through the music world, and build a family while doing it that will continue to stay with me as I move on to the next stage of my life.” Azalea Twining echoes this sentiment: The highlight of my Luna Lab experience has been connecting with other young composers who I feel have become lifelong collaborators and friends. Besides giving me the opportunity to grow as a composer, Luna Lab has fostered these relationships and created a strong and vital sense of community.”

Read more from each Luna Lab alum on Instagram as we celebrate each of these vibrant composers.

Congratulations to Luna Lab’s graduating seniors!

Gabriella Cariddo | 21-22 Fellow
Hometown: New York, NY
Eastman School of Music, Music Theory & Composition (performance emphasis in Harpsichord)

Lucy Chen | 22-23 Fellow
Hometown: Potomac, MD
Stanford University, Music Composition & Economics

Jack Gjaja | 20-21 Fellow
Hometown: New York, NY
Deep Springs College

Abby Harris | 18-19 Fellow
Hometown: Queens, NY
Mannes School of Music, Composition

Elisa Kain Johnson | 21-22 Fellow
Hometown: Seattle, WA
Northwestern University, Music Composition & Biology

Yuri Lee | 18-19 Fellow
Hometown: Tuckahoe, NY
Princeton University, Music (with certificate in Linguistics)

Lili Masoudi | 22-23 Fellow
Hometown: Cranford, NJ
Bard College and Conservatory, Music Composition & English (concentration in Gender & Sexuality Studies)

Ebun Oguntola | 19-20 Fellow
Hometown: Fayetteville, NY
Harvard University, Music Composition & Applied Mathematics

Sage Shurman | 19-20 Fellow
Hometown: Pasadena, CA
Harvard University, Neuroscience & Music Composition

Isabelle Tseng | 22-23 Fellow
Hometown: Gainesville, FL
Princeton University, Economics

Azalea Twining | 20-22 Fellow
Hometown: Harrisonburg, VA
Columbia University, Music (concentration in composition & voice)